Tom's Christmas present has finally arrived!

Tom’s Christmas present has finally arrived!

A few weeks ago, it was all about the heart.  This week, we’re talking growth and gut.

Little Man had his six monthly appointment with the endocrinologist, Professor…  The Professor is a rather nice gentleman who clearly knows his stuff.  We are reaching the inescapable conclusion that growth hormone treatment is all very well, but that if Little Man does not process food adequately, he’s not going to grow, no matter how much hormone you pump into him.

This is not new territory.  I have raised the issue of malabsorption for years, with no results.  It’s taken a combination of factors for the medical profession to realise they need to look into what’s going on more closely: a tube weaning program that failed, and growth hormone treatment that did not succeed as it should have done.

Time to get the smiles on and realise that any progress is worthwhile, even if that progress is rather backwards.  At least doctors are now paying attention.

The upshot of our day at Great Ormond Street is as follows:

From the feeding clinic:  they are going to keep the relationship with Tom going in the hope that we can try tube weaning again in the future.  BUT it would be unsafe to do so now given the unresolved physical and medical issues at play.

From endocrinology: we are to put the growth hormone treatment on pause for at least six months.  In the meantime, we must be seen by gastro enterology…

Time to reintroduce more specialists!