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Surfing dude!

Surfing dude!

Given that WordPress wouldn’t let me upload the most brilliant video, I’ve changed this previously empty post to a photo of Little Man!

He’s standing, balancing on a foam float!  Weekly hydrotherapy has improved his core stability, strength and stamina more that I would ever have thought possible… not to mention significant pain reduction!  Yay!


I’ve been busy with my darling kiddos and their various needs.  This week and next that involves a huge amount of paperwork detailing the extent and severity of their difficulties.  A tough ask of a mum who loves her children essentially as they are, but I have put my heart in a box for the duration!!!

Anyway, one of those huge tasks is now finished, and a little levity is called for.

We have been watching the Paralympics for the last few days… as a mum of three disabled children watching these inspirational athletes has been incredibly uplifting.  Tom has been especially keen on the wheelchair basketball and today was loving the various footage.

What I want to share in this tiny little post is the following exchange:

Tom: Mummy, when I grow up, will I be an olympian, or a powerlympian?

Me: Definitely a powerlympian kiddo!

How I love that kid… he doesn’t read and so there is nothing “para” about these events.  It’s all about the POWER!!!

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