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I was searching (intently, if only briefly!) for a picture to match both my mood and my topic tonight when I found this!  And this close to Valentine’s day added to the fact that my first topic of study in this Biology endeavour was the heart and cardiovascular disease, it seemed apt!

So… my teeny tiny post tonight is one of fairly quiet, proud success.  A few days ago, with lost of shaking and nerves, I clicked on the “confirm” button to upload my first assignment.  Biology A level is really interesting, but I have struggled to find the hours to study.  It’s been a tough month on the family front, and I’ve had a heavy workload on the Special Needs Mum front, so my self confidence has been waivering on the study front.

My heart was racing as I went to see if it had been marked… oh yes it had.  My brain first registered the “50” as 50%, and there followed a free fall into that endless pit of despair – all that self doubt had indeed been right on the button…

Oh yes, this is my brain – I have to live with it Every Day!!!  (It’s OK to feel a little sorry for me at this point… or a lot!)

Fortunately, a few seconds later, the higher brain realised and confirmed that the mark was out of 50… that in fact,I scored 100%!  And the comments from my tutor was so so lovely… excellent work, an A*…

You’d think I’d go into the opposite of the first reaction, wouldn’t you?  Elation, bliss, cloud 9 territory… nah!  Deep and profound relief will do me!!!

So there we are… just enough of a lift to keep me going.  I can’t wait to find those precious hours to get that next topic of study on the way… cystic fibrosis!! (come to think about it, there’s something a little depressing about these topics  – fascinating though!).

Nighty night all!!

Basking in the glow of my little success tonight…


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