So I’ve been knitting!  I use Ravelry to find free patterns because I’m a cheapskate!!!


Socky Slouchy Hat… Knitted on DPN’s, with some lovely sock yarn given to me by my sister

That hat was knitted from the brim up, whereas this beauty for my Sweet Girl was knitted from the top down…

Notice the gorgeous wooden DPNs given me by my sister!

Notice the gorgeous wooden DPNs given me by my sister!

And then the finished article on my little Miss:






Two hats down, Little man was feeling left out!!  Once again thanks to my sister’s wonderful present, I was able to send for some special yarn.  Little Man’s favourite colours are red and orange, so I fell hook, line and sinker for this beautiful Alpaca yarn….





Now, I’m working on a matching scarf for him.  But what a delight it is each morning to see him pop that little hat on his head with a great beaming smile, and what joy to see him come out of school still wearing it!


Next is a project for me – using some Noro yarn for the first time.  It’s been a little ambition of mine since I became a more avid knitter, ad more discerning yarn lover… And the time is nearly there!


This is my second post entitled “Sticks and String”… I simply didn’t want a different title.

Given the chaos of real life, those sticks and strings afford me a great deal of peace… there’s a lot to be said for a little time, a little creativity and simple items joined with repetitive movements.


Knit well, all you who do.

And those of you who do not… why not try it?