I am currently basking in an uncommon wave of calm.  Just enough has moved forward today to make me feel that things will indeed be alright in the end.  Not a great deal happened.  I had a two hour long conversation with a psychologist who left me feeling that she understood how seriously Sweet Girl must be taken.  As we ended our talk she also let me know that she agreed with me about the need to sort out Little Man’s schooling.

Do I really have an ally at the Authority???  Maybe!

Sweet Girl’s teacher also made a decision which I think may make a vast difference to her school life.  In order to allow Kesia to stay with one teacher, in one classroom all day, she has changed maths groups.  It was a brave decision by a teacher to compromise a little girl’s learning by dropping a couple of groups in order to help her attend school ?full time?!  And one I am extraordinarily grateful for.  Sweet Girl came home at lunchtime more stable and happy than I have seen her in months.

The storm is raging outside.

Our ongoing battle with the Authority for Little Man is in full swing.

A new battle with the same Authority looms in the near future for Sweet Girl.

I was obliged to send a letter into school this morning which promises side winds of gale force strength.

The storm is battering at my door.

But just now, I am in its eye.  I am happy, and calm and enjoying this moment of brief respite!