Something good, something bad

opposites-489521_960_720I often ask my children to share something good and something bad about their day.

It helps them find something good if they had a bad day, and it gives them permission to vent and process anything negative.

It’s also a more focused question that “how was your day?” which in my house is a recipe for disaster.

I have had a busy week, and while I have a million things simmering in my mind that I wish to share, none are ready. The writing is there, but is in serious need of editing!!

So in the meantime, I will share something good and something bad, but more than anything I would love to hear yours… So tell me something good and something bad about today…

Today, three people went out of their way to be kind to me… fairy dust kind of magic!

Today, I received a speeding fine, which threw me into panic mode (all is well, but grrr…)

Your turn please!!


2 thoughts on “Something good, something bad

  1. Something good that happened today… I received a 20 minute call from my 7 year old who was at his other house, just to chat to me. He was coming to my place later this afternoon, but he still just wanted to talk to me. Not to ask me for anything, not to chat about anything in particular, just to talk to me. It absolutely made my day.
    Something bad is simply that my youngest little one, who is one, is sick. She has a terrible cough, runny nose and is just quite out of sorts. Nothing worse than having sick little ones! Anyway, your idea is a great one for starting conversations with your kids Benedicte! I might try it with mine 🙂

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