Time to sieve the blackberry pips out!

Time to sieve the blackberry pips out!

Amazing first today!!

Little Man cooked his first feed.  He chose the ingredients based on the basic recipe I use…

Beef (he wanted pork because he likes a little pork to eat, but that was yesterday’s meat)

Oats (because he likes flapjacks)

Rice milk and coconut milk (Koko brand) because we ran out of rice milk

Orange and mango juice


Forest fruits

Coconut oil

He measured everything out… cooked the oats in the milk and the beef in a frying pan with the coconut oil…

Chose to add in a little turmeric and garam masala (and smelled everything first!!!)…

Put it all into the Vitamix…


Then poured it all into a strainer (to be doubly sure to avoid blockages).

I’m so so proud of him!!!  Life skills, emotional development, and knowing that most of taste comes through smell I’m hoping that in time he will be able to taste some of this lovely food he’s making.  The next big test is tomorrow to try and increase volume a little because this particular blend came to 1400mls… he’s never managed more than 1200mls in a day so we’ll see how he goes tomorrow!