Tell me about your day  (click on this link to access the PDF!)

Yesterday, or so, I lose track of time these days, I wrote a little post about a new behaviour management technique I’m trialling with my Littles.  I’ve had such lovely comments about it, and it’s continuing to surprise me in such a positive way that I thought I’d share it with you.  In the photo below you’ll see that my first attempt didn’t have a good colour spectrum, and the Littles have told me they needed two “calm” emotions; one sad, one happy.  So I’ve moved things around just a little, and added more appropriate colours.

We find that sometimes, the colours are more helpful than the words.  Equally, the three “faces” I drew alongside can be all that’s needed.  My patience and time haven’t allowed me to put those into my computer – I’m still relying on that good old toolset: hand and pen.  Have a look at this photo to see what I mean:

He's a normal kid... gets angry too!

He’s a normal kid… gets angry too!

I print them out small to paste into their school contact books, but I’ve also provided a full A4 one for those of you whom it would suit better.  I need to keep a record of their moods, but you might want to laminate a big one and start afresh each day – especially if you’re only using it at the weekend?

Good luck, and I hope it helps!