I haven’t gone anywhere, but I’m painfully aware of the lack of posts here recently.  I do have a serious one in my drafts folder.  Mostly, life is hectic.  We’ve changed gear from school routines to holiday routines.  I wish I could say this made life slightly easier, but honestly, it’s just different!

All three children are back home, and rules have had to be set in stone to get us through.

To add a little spice to the chaos that is Christmas, I’ve just received my course materials for my Biology A level, and I’m really keen to find an hour or two to get that started.

Neither writing nor knitting have featured much in my life for the last few weeks, which I must remedy because both are a key part of my mental health system!

In other news, Sweet Girl is now a recognised name with the Authority, even before they have received any paperwork – I think that’s good.

Little Man…. I am battling.  The Authority is trying all its tricks to avoid the option I want.  Why?  I have no idea.  I am so shocked by their tactics.  The latest is to insist on specific details from the schools of teaching strategies that have or have not worked.  The school have already written that they are unable to meet his needs.  After five years of immense effort on their part, it was a heartbreaking letter to write.  For their teaching to be put in question is a step too far in my mind.  I really hope that we can keep this out of the tribunal system, but…  On a positive, they are sending a letter to the school I’m hoping for to see if they will come and assess Little Man in his current setting.

All of that pauses with the Christmas holiday.  I wish I could as easily put my emotions on pause.  My inability to do anything at all for two weeks is more than frustrating…

Eldest is home and so far we’re doing fairly well.  Tensions are high, they always are when the family is reunited because we all live with the knowledge that our stability is a chimera… the slightest thing can spark something that can lead to fairly intense situations.  But we are vigilant, and hopefully we will spend a lovely holiday together.

As far as blogging goes, I am hoping to do a little, without worrying about sticking to a target!

I do hope you all have a relaxed, happy holiday…

All my love to all you lovely readers!!!