Find the little pink cloud behind all those grey ones...

Find the little pink cloud behind all those grey ones…

This was my sky on the way home from school this afternoon, and it struck me as wonderfully reflective of my simply tangled life.  It’s been a fairly grotty, miserable winter’s day; we woke to rattling, cold rain and wind strong enough to push you over.  The temperature has lately been freezing, but warmed up just enough to allow big grey rain clouds to roll in.  Not warm enough to feel remotely comfortable though.  One of those days when the wind lashes cold rain into your face, the sky hangs low and everything feels rather gloomy.

I bravely walked my way to school to pick up Little Man, and then followed his zoomy power chair all the way home.  No time for chat… he powers away, constantly looking for a bit of suitably wet and muddy grass to skid slightly out of control.  A successful skid is followed by a world class grin and a thumbs up to me (if I am within visible distance).

And out of the blue… well, out of the grey and the bluster… there it was: a little patch of pale blue sky with a fluffy white cloud.  The heavy lid of grey cumulo-nimbus that has covered our world all day gave way to the reality of the sky above.  Still blue, still beautiful with the occasional little cotton ball of condensation. Not only that, but the evening sun had coloured that little ball of fluff a pale yet clearly visible pink!

I claim that pink as red, and revel in the old saying:  Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight, which promises fair weather in the morning.

It was a tangled picture, combining galeful winds and grey, rainy clouds, with quiet blue sky and little pink balls of fluff.  However grim and grotty the day may have felt, that blue sky was always just beyond our sight.  And I’ve just caught a glimpse of my little pink cloud and chosen to interpret it as a good omen for the day to come!

Serendipity!  The effort made to walk to school led to me being in a position to see that little ball of pink fluff.  But I then chose to notice it, take a photograph, and putting my own spin on it.  As a result, I feel happy and looking forward to tomorrow!  This is serendipity in the making… 🙂