No deep and meaningfuls tonight.  I am trying to keep my blogging regular, it oils the wheels of my creative and emotional expression.  But as I wrote just yesterday, there is not always the energy or time to express all that is being felt.

And one hugely important role of this blog is to keep those who love me informed of the little details in my life.  This avoids their worry if I have not called recently, and I have to admit it takes away the need to make call upon call giving information rather than simply enjoying family company.


This week in a little nutshell:

  • Sweet Girl is in school for the mornings only.  Her medication doesn’t seem to be working very well any more.  She worries about food, though her appetite is still driven by the drug.  She is staggeringly fragile and prone to tears.  This evening, as the chimney sweep was struggling to shift a blockage, she was crying at the thought of never having a fire again…  However, afternoons at home are helping her find some sort of emotional stability, and we are slowly moving a little further forward on her road to a better educational environment.
  • On that road, a review meeting with Behaviour Support should lead to the involvement of Education psychology in the near future, and there is finally a realisation that this little girl will not manage in a “normal” secondary school.
  • Also on that road, we had a long meeting to complete a CAF… common assessment framework.  This is a discussion which is later submitted via a form to try and bring all agencies working with a child together and put in place the practical support that is required…  NOT a fun meeting, but it’s done, and another step, another piece of evidence to get her needs met.
  • Little Man underwent a CT scan yesterday.  His regular headaches are a cause for concern, and it was important to make sure that there is nothing in his skull that shouldn’t be (don’t you love doctors and euphemisms? – we’re looking for tumours…), all the while not expecting anything too nasty.  I’m guessing that there is certainly nothing eye popping as we were allowed to go home, and I haven’t heard from the hospital about the results yet.
  • While in hospital, and sedated, the idea was to get some blood out of Little Man to check his white blood cells etc…  Well!  First of all, though sedated, he never actually fell asleep (pity!  it made things much harder work for Mummy).  He was lovely during the scan, very out of it but responsive enough to stay still.  Unfortunately, his vein was not compliant, and kept jumping out of the way.  My little boy became very distressed, and having given up on that vein we decided to leave it.  Very good decision!
  • Giggle gas!!!  In a bid to help Tom deal with blood tests, we will be going into hospital next Tuesday to try out Entinox (giggle gas).  Subsequently we will make an appointment to get that blood out.  I will have some anaesthetic cream at home to prep him in all available poking spots, and we will use the giggle gas to lower his anxiety.  It’s really good to see the nurses being proactive about this needle anxiety (which I refuse to call a phobia so far!).
  • Darling Man was theoretically on holiday.  He has managed one day and a half!  Short of booking a holiday it seems impossible to get him to let go!!  I love his work ethic, and it goes a long way to providing our family with much needed stability, but I have to say I would love to see a little more of him!
  • Eldest was extremely upset yesterday when told to stay in bed by the school nurse.  Nothing serious, just a nasty cold, which he still denies having.  He continues to do well according to school staff, and I am looking forward to seeing the various new strategies that are being put in place for January… I know nothing right now!!  A phone call to the psychologist earlier in the week was very reassuring, and I have high hopes that she will be able to help him through some difficult emotional memories next term.
  • Christmas shopping is almost done!!  Christmas posting is not yet, and I hope that all gifts will arrive in time.  I have a couple of things still to do, but on the whole there is no big rush.
  • And finally, I was able to spend the evening with kindred spirit, Miss Berry last night!  She and I have a long standing plan to see each other every fortnight, despite our rather hectic lives.  We were doing very well until early summer, when life simply took over.  Last night was the first night spent together for a very long time.  Much chitty chatting was had, the children were lovely, and I got home at half past one this morning!!!

There we have it!  My teeny update!