So there it is… Teeny, tiny post.

Turns out that in the turmoil and box of the life that is now, that is necessarily lived for my darling, wonderful, rather broken children, “me” is breaking out!

I can see an end to this turmoil, and I’ve been working on untangling the snarl entitled, “my life after children”.  Well, my life once the children are settled in school.  Normally it happens when the youngest turns five and starts full time school.  For me, it’s looking like the youngest will be ten years old before I can embark on this new life.

But I can see that end, and my mind has been churning away at all sorts of possible paths.

I think I may have found one that clicks.  My spinning wheel, to turn all that tangled wool into a lovely thread looks to be school!

I am seriously considering going back to university, to study nutrition and dietetics with a view to become a dietician… The paths that would then be open to me feel numerous, exciting, challenging and suitable for my family life.

So my first step is to get an ‘A’ level in Biology.  I’m looking at distance learning, which will no doubt be the most practical style of studying for me.

It’s scary.  And exciting.  And really, really scary!!

But I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to jump in feet first and go for it!