The thing with desperation is that it makes you hang onto people’s promises.  I hope you understood yesterday quite how desperate I am beginning to feel with regards to Tom’s welfare.  I hope you were able to convey at least some of that to your manager, and to the people who ultimately have my son’s fate in their hands.

I completely understand that your job comes with pressures of time, amount of work, not to mention distraught parents.
But the fact is that you promised me that you would call me today, regardless of what might or might not have changed.  That little spark of compassion, of understanding meant the world to me yesterday, and this morning.  Tonight I’m feeling deflated.
I need.  Tom needs for this to be resolved.  He needs to be going to school in an environment which is suitable for him academically, socially and medically.
Please.  Please do not make promises you cannot keep.  It is soul destroying.
Benedicte Symcox