Short update today…

Little Man Tom, as I’ve mentioned before, is struggling to grow, and keep weight on.  This despite being tube fed with lots of good nutritious, homemade food over and beyond what his height and weight suggest he should need.

A couple of weeks ago we saw the paediatrician who felt his Growth hormone treatment might be the cause of the weight loss.

Since I am the one who administers his nightly injections, I’m sure you can imagine that it has been emotionally very difficult topoke my lad knowing it might be making him ill.

But the one thing I’ve learned to do over the years is wait.  So wait I did.  Until last Friday when I felt that two weeks was quite enough to have checked a fairly simple question with the expert.  The first phone call was fruitless: no paediatrician to be found.  The second phone call led to an answer machine, so I left a message filled with both facts, questions and emotions.

More waiting…

Happily, Tom’s endocrinologist, Prof is a lovely man and quickly realised that this issue needed to be nipped in the bud.  I received a phone call a few hours later from the great man!

Conclusion… Tom’s weight loss is unlikely to be as a result of growth hormone.  Prof feels that we need to look into Little Man’s gut.  This is something I have been questioning for a very long time, so is worth investigation.

More phone calls, to find the quickest way to an appointment.  We have not seen the gastro-enterologist for quite some time, so it may well need a referral from the GP again.  I’m hoping that my phone call to the feeding clinic may provide a short cut!  We will see.

In the meantime, while the growth hormone question has more or less been put to bed, a more fundamental one about Little Man’s body has been raised…

More waiting!