October means half term… Which in turn means one week of juggling Eldest full time at home, Sweet Girl half home half school and Little Man full time at school.  Add in a funeral and week one was quite hectic.  Week two saw us all at home, but Darling Man quite stressed with deadlines at work so more absent than he’d have liked.

The tiller on my ship is quite heavy, especially in such circumstances.  The energy it takes to keep us on course and afloat is such that I find it difficult to open my heart, my mind to too much emotion.

So writing, though cathartic is… well, impossible!  There is a lot in that head of mine, but if I open the door, there is no guarantee at all that I will be able to keep that tiller steady.

So I stay quiet!  I will get my ship through this little rough weather, then take some time to spin those tangles into a yarn of words that may even knit themselves together to form some beautiful fabric…wirint