Trudy is really quite special.  For those of you not yet in the know, each family has a named Tooth Fairy.  She is responsible for collecting and grading baby teeth, and leaving a small reward for each loss.

As a mother, I have the privilege of knowing our Tooth Fairy’s name, and having access to her email address.  Until recent years, my communication with her was through my wardrobe (this also gives me access to Santa’s elves and emergency access to the Special Toys division – a necessary tool when Blue was lost temporarily as it allowed me to give Eldest Blue’s twin, LB… Loving Bear), but the Tooth Fairies are nothing if not technologically advanced, so Trudy and I communicate by email.

Now, much as I love Trudy and appreciate her work, she is in all honesty a bit of a flake.  I have three children, all of whom fall under her care, and I believe I’m right in saying that she has never, not once, arrived in time.  Most children lose a tooth during the day, and find a toy or coin under their pillow on the following morning…  Not mine.  Trudy’s best timing has been to arrive a few days late.  This summer, however, saw her beat all of her past lateness records.

Sweet Girl lost a tooth at the end of July.  It was a big one, a molar and she was very excited, as her tooth loss rate has radically slowed with age.  Kesia has a rather good relationship with Trudy through letters written by both and left under her pillow.  For though Trudy is often late, she has a lovely soft heart and usually writes a letter to explain her tardiness and apologise for it.  Sweet Girl has a soft spot for her teeth, and finds it quite disturbing to think that her teeth are somewhere unknown, so she had previously asked Trudy to leave her tooth and written her a letter to that effect in which she candidly admitted that though she would like her customary coin she understood that this might not be possible.

The following week, when Trudy had finally managed a visit to our house (on that occasion, I believe her wand had broken down and she had found herself stranded at the office), not only did she leave a coin for Kesia, but also left the tooth and a note explaining that she had obtained special dispensation from her boss, Prunella, to leave the tooth in situ.  She does have to visit in order to leave a coin and grade the tooth, but it seems that with this dispensation she is still able to transfer enough magic from the tooth to her wand to warrant leaving payment.

Sweet Girl is very aware of Trudy’s kindness, but also her flaws.  She, along with her brothers,  never expects Trudy to come on time; not does she expect Trudy to remember much from one visit to the next.  So when she lost this tooth in July, she prepared it by putting it her special “lost tooth” pillow together with another letter reiterating her desire to keep her teeth, but also to receive a coin…

A week passed, then another.  Sweet Girl patiently waited.  Another few days, and she let me know that Trudy had not been.  I duly promised to send an email as a reminder to our sweet but absent minded Tooth Fairy.  No reply!  And I have to admit I then forgot entirely about this tooth.  Sweet Girl did not…

August passed with no visit from Trudy.  This was quite a record, and I became a little concerned for her.  She had never been quite this late before.  I sent another email, and copied Prunella in.  Immediately, a reply from Prunella came through:

Trudy has been out of TFHQ contact for several weeks now.  We have teams scouring the Earth and FairyLand for her and will inform all her families when we have further news.  Should you hear from her, please let me know.  In the even that you cannot reach me, please ensure that you inform the Duty Tooth Fairy Manager at TFHQ.

As you can see, Prunella is not to be trifled with.  To be quite honest, I find her a daunting person; though she gets the job done and is phenomenally efficient, I have to admit I prefer Trudy.  With all her flakiness she is lovely and sweet and always makes me smile.

There followed some nervous days and weeks.  Each morning, Sweet Girl would check her pillow, and her face was a little sadder with each passing day.  We were all quite concerned about Trudy’s fate; after all the job of a Tooth Fairy can be quite precarious.  Flying all over the world, assigned families with varying beliefs and customs can lead a fairy into quite treacherous ground at times.

Mid September, and Little Man lost a tooth.  We all held our breaths!  Now Trudy had two teeth to collect from our house… would she make it?  Would this extra tooth call to her and lead her out of this unknown exile?

Would you believe it, but the following morning, not only had Little Man’s tooth gone, but two coins had been delivered along with two letters from Trudy!

I did not capture the joy on those two little faces in the morning, nor Sweet Girl’s relief that her Tooth Fairy was alive and well.  Let me simply say that we had a truly magical morning.

And here is the marvel of Trudy, our Tooth Fairy.  She knows of the children’s abilities ever so well, and has always written them letters that they are able to read themselves.  So Tom’s letter was a beautiful, and simple one:

I especially love the personalised notepaper, the tiny letter, and the fact that she has chosen an orange font!  Somehow she knows Tom’s favourite colour!  (She also knows that Eldest is “above” such things as fairies, and has not bothered him or his teeth for the last couple of years…)

Kesia, on the other hand, already has a rather established relationship with Trudy.  An explanation for her prolonged absence was duly required, and given…


Dear, dear Kesia,

Oh my goodness, what has happened?  There I was, on my way to your house last August, because my bell rang letting me know you had lost another tooth. Now, I do know that you would like to keep your teeth, and Prunella has given special permission that you may do so, but I still need (and want) to visit you.  One of the reasons for this is that I must measure your tooth for our records.

Anyway, there I was flying over the English Channel, when I got swept up in a timey-wimey cloud (strangely enough, it was slightly purple).  Next thing I know, I’m in the bedroom of Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter, Beatrice.  I remember her very well, because I used to be her Tooth Fairy too.  Her mum always used to call her “Baby”.

Unfortunately, my wand (as you know it does tend to break down quite a lot) chose this moment to go on the blink.  It simply would not communicate with Head Office, so I couldn’t tell Prunella where (or when) I was.  Baby is luckily a bright little girl, and when she saw what a desperate plight I was in, called her mother. Being the Queen, Victoria has special dispensation to see fairies face to face, and she arranged for a special visit to the Victorian Tooth Fairy Minister who eventually (after a lot of paperwork) managed to send me to the correct time.  Time travel is rarely a precise thing, however, and I arrived yesterday – having missed two whole months!!!

So here I am… I’m very impressed with your tooth, it holds a remarkable potential of fairy magic in it.  Keep it safe and it will give you strength when you need it most.

All my love, your tooth fairy,


Trudy may well be a flake, and she may be responsible for any patience my children have developed… but she has a wonderful heart, and I wouldn’t change her for the world.

In a life of tangles, the simple pleasures of tooth fairies and other magical creatures are a joy!