Whether or not this will work for me I still don’t know.  For the last few years, I have kept a blog over at weebly.  Which I love.


I was lucky enough to be given a lovely little computer by my little sister.  It fulfills all my requirements but is an android tablet, the Asus TF300T.  Lovely little machine which combines the joys of touch screen tablets with a really good keyboard.  Unfortunately, weebly won’t work!!!

So I could wait for their android app to come out, or use the desktop computer at home (which I’ve mostly been doing).  Or I could start a new blog on one of the more common platforms.  Research happened, I became quite frustrated, gave up, then more research and here I am.  It would appear that wordpress have a good app so here I am.

None of which, I realise is sounding terribly “pro” wordpress ( I do like my weebly site).  Nor of course does it introduce terribly well my reasons for blogging.

I blog very simply to try and make some sense of the tangled bundle of yarn that is my life!  Diaries have never worked for me – they are too much like thinking.  The possibility that a blog may be read gives the thoughts I put down more life and allow me to let them go more easily.

So a little introduction for the sake of this new blog (the name of which, actually, I’m quite happy with… simple tangles just sums things up!).

I am a mum.  More so than I ever imagined I would be.  A journey that started with a miscarriage and a doctor telling me I would not have children has taken me to a rather different place!  Three children later (mother nature and a rather lovely husband were all that were needed), we found our lives turned upside down when little man Tom was 11 weeks old.  At that point big boy Zack was nearly 4 and princess Kesia nearly 2.

On Halloween of 2003, Tom was rushed to hospital.  Within hours we were told that he had a heart defect and suspected leukaemia. (I will insert a link to previous posts about that part of the journey – far too long for an intro).

There began a long journey to today.

Today, I have three children – how miraculous and wonderful is that?  Big boy Zack is turning into a young man of 12 with Asperger’s syndrome.  Little man Tom is 9!!!!!  He has Noonan syndrome and battles a number of medical, physical and educational problems on a daily basis.  My princess Kesia is 10 and has finally been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Today, I also still have my beloved Nick by my side.  Neither of us is in any doubt that he also has Asperger’s syndrome, though he has never needed a diagnosis.

Today, while Zack has found his place in a wonderful residential school and is learning to manage his disability and the world, we are poised on the edge of a battlefield.  In the next few months and year, our challenge is to help both our little man and our princess to find school places that can help each of them thrive and flourish.

Today, I don the armour of the battle mum once more.

Our lives are tangled and sometimes hard.  But they are also very simple in their unique ways.  So here I am, simply tangled and trying to find the good end of the yarn…